RoboVent Puts VentMapping® on the Map!

May 19, 2015

COLUMBUS, Ohio, May 19, 2015 — RoboVent (, is showcasing their revolutionary VentMapping Simulation for the month of May. RoboVent, a leader in the design and manufacture of ventilation and filtration systems for some of the world’s most successful manufacturing companies, formally launched Vent Mapping to the public in 2014.

VentMapping is an engineering engagement which utilizes computational fluid dynamics (CFD) testing to accurately pinpoint problem areas and develop a ventilation solution for a specific area of concern. This technology allows engineered and guaranteed results and can often help save valuable floor space by determining which units are doing their job effectively. It is an important tool for determining overall facility airflow, and can lead to plant-wide solutions for air quality.

About The Company

During the past 25 years RoboVent has established itself as leader in the field of air filtration with highly efficient, reliable and cost-effective systems installed at major manufacturing operations across North America. Applications include welding, cutting and metalworking; dust collection and lubricant mist collection; and general ventilation. RoboVent is headquartered in Sterling Heights, Mich., with sales and service centers located throughout the United States and the world. At its core, RoboVent is an environmental problem solving company for process systems. Their expertise and resources in collecting, filtering and recycling contaminated air can be applied to almost any process in the manufacturing environment. For more information visit