Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

RoboVent’s dust collectors are on the cutting edge of air filtration technology. But RoboVent’s expertise extends beyond designing individual filtration units. Our engineers are capable of designing the best facility-wide filtration configurations possible. By combining our best-in-class dust collectors into a powerful, connected array, RoboVent engineers give life to the old expression, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

A configuration designed by RoboVent brings new efficiencies to your operation. Energy savings are profound, due to the centralization of powered components. Automated controls turn collectors on and off, as needed, saving even more energy. Maintenance is streamlined, since dust is collected and carried to a central location. In many cases, floor space is freed up, as well, as multiple dust collectors no longer need to be located around the floor.

RoboVent has created several configuration options for a variety of plant-wide filtration needs. Whether you primarily use source collection or ambient collection, we have a configuration to collect and clean your air. For example, a Vortex Configuration creates a plant-wide circulation of air in order to capture contaminated air from hard-to-reach places in your facility. RoboVent’s Configuration options are helping customers protect their workers, meet regulations and ensure a clean workplace.

RoboVent FloorSaver: Weld Fume & Dust Source Capture Configurations

FloorSaver Configuration

A space-saving system that keeps your operation nimble and flexible, RoboVent's FloorSaver system stacks a powerful filter on top of your weld cell.

Fusion Push-Pull Configuration

Push-pull systems represent a total-plant solution for applications where source capture isn't possible due to large custom parts and overhead cranes.

Fusion Vortex Configuration

The Fusion Vortex places powerful dust collectors in an array that creates facility-wide air circulation.

Grid Configuration

A modular, flexible and future-proof solution. When you want the efficiency and energy savings of a centralized ducted system, but with flexibility to move components if needed, consider RoboVent's Grid Configuration.

RoboVent Hi-Vac Grid Configuration: Facility-Wide Filtration

Hi-Vac Grid Configuration

Hi-Vac Grid gives you the power and efficiency of a centralized, ducted hi-vac system along with the flexibility of mobile source capture of dust and fumes.

RoboVent Spire Series: Flexible Weld Cell Collectors

Spire Configuration

Combining RoboVent's smallest-footprint collectors into a powerful array, the Spire Configuration is built to grow and adapt along with your welding operation.

Traditional Configuration

The traditional configuration maximizes performance with ductwork sized for optimal airflow for your specific applications.