Metal Cutting Dust Collection

The Challenge Laser and Plasma Metal Cutting Dust Collection

Oxyfuel, laser and plasma—they're all common methods for cutting metal and other materials in manufacturing plants everywhere. But regardless of the method or application, care must be taken to avoid the potential impact on workers' health, as well as on the quality of the work being performed. RoboVent's advanced air filtration systems can meet these challenges. We have powerful systems to address nearly any cutting process.

Depending on the method, dust from metal cutting creates particulates that are less than a micrometer in diameter. In cases like these, special attention must be given to the design and construction of the filtration system. RoboVent's decades of experience have led to a cutting-edge design perfectly suited to this application. In a RoboVent collector, powerful motors draw your dust-laden air through a bank of proprietary filters that are specially designed to capture harmful particulates.

Another area of RoboVent expertise is fire suppression, a major concern in any metal-cutting dust collection operation. RoboVent offers many standard features and options that accomplish this. For example, the Delta3 Spark Arrestor kills sparks before they start trouble.


Ventilation Solutions for Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is growing in popularity, and RoboVent has developed a ventilation system that is perfectly suited to its demands. The Plaser Series offers powerful airflow, long filter life and the longest warranty in the industry.

Plaser Series: Laser Cutting Ventilation System by RoboVent

Laser Cutting

RoboVent's solution for laser cutting is a powerful ventilation system that both protects workers and ensures the air is as clean as it needs to be. RoboVent's engineers have decades of experience helping customers be leaders in manufacturing.