Oil Mist Collection System

Oil Mist Collection Solutions for Health and Safety

Clario CFX Series

Clarion® CFX Series

The Robovent Clarion® Series is a revolutionary design in industrial air-cleaning equipment that efficiently separates solid particulate in oil and water in the most demanding manufacturing environments.

Metalworking fluids (MFWs) are a necessary part of many manufacturing processes. But when they are aerosolized by thermal or mechanical means, the resulting mist can jeopardize worker safety and productivity. This oil mist can leave a haze in the air and a layer of grease over floors and surfaces. This not only leaves a bad impression on workers and customers, but it can also create potential slip-and-fall hazards in the facility.

Oil mists also have serious health concerns. Specific health impacts vary depending on the chemicals in the fluid and the size of the particles generated by the manufacturing process. Some mists may contain chemicals that irritate the skin, eyes, nose, throat or lungs. Thermal processes can create sub-micron aerosolized particles that are easily breathed in by workers. Depending on the chemistry of the fluid and the level of exposure, workers exposed to oil mists may develop a number of serious symptoms. Prolonged exposure has been linked to asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronically impaired lung function, fibrosis of the lung and cancer. Workers may also be exposed to other disease-causing pathogens if MFW is contaminated by microorganisms.

It is important to protect workers from the effects of oil mist exposure. Appropriate collection and filtration can reduce the potential health risks and increase worker satisfaction and productivity. RoboVent is proud to be an industry leader in oil mist collection and filtration.

Robovent provides efficient oil mist collection through use of the Clarion CFX Series source capture system

With the Clarion CFX Series, you get superior filter technology, rigorous construction, top of the line performance, and guaranteed satisfaction. The RoboVent Clarion Series boasts a revolutionary design capable of separating solid particulates in oil and water in even the most demanding of manufacturing environments.

Most traditional oil-mist collectors rely on extremely dated technologies like electrostatic precipitators, centrifugal, pocket filters, individual cartridges or panel filters. The result of these units is often limited success and significant frustration.

RoboVent's source capture solution for oil mist addresses the problem where it is needed most. The Clarion® unit pulls mist-laden air into the bottom of the collector, allowing the larger droplets to fall out before entering the filter. The air is then pulled up through a packed-bed media filter. This filter separates the remaining oil from the air, and clean air is returned to the plant through the integrated blower. This process delivers exceptional performance with guaranteed satisfaction.

Source Capture Solutions for Oil Mist

Source Capture Solutions for Oil Mist

Clarion CFX Series Features

The CFX Source Capture Clarion unit operates through integrated controls connected to a dedicated terminal or interlock on the CNC machine. You can also get upgrades to an independent motor starter and disconnect.

The CFX Source Capture Clarion also uses a packed-bed media filter design that makes the filter change-out process easy and reduces maintenance costs. Filters are available in three different depths and two different efficiency ratings.

The CFX Source Capture Clarion has a double-rail clamping mechanism that guarantees an airtight seal for every filter. Filter change-outs on these systems are simple and do not involve tools.

Standard features on the CFX Source Capture Clarion include all-in-one complete air filtration systems that arrive fully assembled and tested. Our dust collectors have a 15-year warranty and RoboVent provides 24-hour support.

The CFX Source Capture Clarion also has several optional features, such as the DeDrive Automatic VFD and RoboVent eQ Air Quality Monitoring. You can also get a Delta3 Spark Arrestor, an ICE system, or Supprex-200 Fire Suppression or a Supprex-200™ Damper.

Additional optional features include an explosion vent, which is designed to direct pressure away from a structure, an isolation valve that stops a pressure wave before it spreads, and eDrive Automatic VFD that automatically changes motor RPM to adjust for filter loading. Robovent also offers optional AutoSaver Power Usage Sensors that can cut energy costs and HEPA after filters that guarantee the highest quality of air available.

Robovent can also provide additional acoustical attenuation, built-in noise reduction, and outdoor prep packages for CFX Source Capture Clarion units. Sprinkler head ports are another option.

How to decide on the right oil mist collection system

Deciding on the right oil mist collection system for your particular needs is not always straightforward. It is common for clients to have questions about the right system that will fit their needs.

Robovent has been providing clean air solutions for more than a quarter-century. To date, our products have resulted in more than 142,000 lives being improved.

Our engineers are always ready and willing to discuss air filtration matters, and we will work with you to find the best possible solution for your individual needs. We begin our process by performing a complete evaluation of your facility and the way that air flows through your facility.

Robovent will then work with you to establish your goals and then begin designing a system that meets all of your needs. We will install the system you choose for you so you can be sure that it is done right, and we will continue to provide validation so you can be sure that your system continues to run in optimal condition.

Robovent offers three levels of ClientCare service. The ClientCare Service Quality Check Program, Equipment Certification Program, and CompleteCare Maintenance Program all provide service and inspection reports as well as service recommendations. With the Equipment Certification Program and CompleteCare Maintenance Program, you will also get a 50-point system check and a client review meeting.

The CompleteCare Maintenance Program also involves a full warranty, filter changes, the performance of preventative maintenance, reviews of service records, troubleshooting services, and Robovent taking full responsibility for the unit.

Do not forget that every single RoboVent unit comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Any time that you are not fully satisfied with the air you are getting, we will either make the necessary corrections to earn your satisfaction, or we will give you your money back.

Our equipment is not only designed to exceed industry standards, but our quality control technicians also exhaustively test and certify every piece of equipment that is used. Robovent’s quality control processes include outbound quality control, inbound quality control, risk analysis, compliance and certification, and incident response, and our “no weak links” process guarantees that all of your oil mist collection concerns are addressed in the most effective manner possible.


Source Capture Solutions for Oil Mist

Oil Mist Source Capture

RoboVent's source capture solution for oil mist is the result of a rethinking and redesigning of oil mist collection. The final result delivers exceptional performance to protect your workers and your facility. As always, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Ambient Oil Mist Collector

Oil Mist Ambient Systems

RoboVent's ambient capture solution for oil mist is a facility-wide system engineered to address the problem in the broadest, yet most effective, way possible. This system's proprietary design creates a circulating airflow throughout your facility that produces extraordinary results.