Standard and Optional Features Push RoboVent to Another Level

RoboVent offers the most innovative and useful product features in the industry. These features—both standard and optional—make our dust and fume collectors the most powerful and cost-effective solutions available for improving air quality.

RoboVent understands the fiscal demands of today’s manufacturing environments and designs efficiency and cost saving into every product. Our eTell™ Intelligent Controls monitor your collectors, track energy use and alert you when maintenance is needed. The AutoSaver™ Power Usage Sensor makes sure your collector is only running when welding is actually happening. Even a system that looks like a core filtration function—such as the Dynamic Pulse System, which keeps filters clean—saves users money by extending filter life and reducing maintenance demands.

Many RoboVent features address fire safety, such as our proprietary Delta3™ Spark Arrestor. This device kills sparks before they can cause problems. Other features like the Supprex-200™ Fire Suppression system extinguish fires quickly and cleanly before they can spread.

These features—and many others—make RoboVent equipment the best in the industry and the fastest, most cost-effective route to clean air. These features not only protect workers’ health but ensure regulatory compliance and protect your bottom line.

24-Hour Support

RoboVent's 24-hour support—at 888.RoboVent—is a promise that a RoboVent expert is available at all times for any need.

60 Minute On-Site Assembly

RoboVent collectors come pre-assembled, so on-site assembly takes less than 60 minutes!

Additional Acoustical Attenuation

Mounted atop your dust collector, this device quiets the air being discharged from the unit using carefully designed aerodynamics.

Air Filtration Systems

All-in-One Complete Air Filtration Systems

RoboVent collectors arrive completely assembled and tested. This all-in-one approach delivers the highest quality, convenience and cost savings.

AutoSaver™ Power Usage Sensor

Mounted directly into your control panel, the AutoSaver feature turns your RoboVent system on during welding and off when finished, cutting energy costs.

Barrel Level Sensor

This sensor alerts operators when the containment system is full and ready to be emptied. This eases your maintenance workload and avoids overfills.

Built-in Noise Reduction

Multiple measures contribute to noise reduction in RoboVent dust collectors, improving the work environment and helping to meet noise regulations.

Containment Options

RoboVent has multiple solutions available for the final resting place of your dust. Whether your loading application is heavy, medium or light, RoboVent has you covered.

Deflagration System on Fusion 4.5

Deflagration System

Protecting your workers and facility from the risks of combustible dust, RoboVent's Deflagration System employs multiple devices and technologies to mitigate dust explosions.

SparkOut Caption Alt Text

Delta3™ Inline Spark Arrestor

Using groundbreaking technology to kill sparks before they become a problem, the Delta3 protects your workers, your equipment and your productivity.

Dynamic Pulse™ System

This patented system for filter cleaning includes multiple valves and computer-synchronized blasts of compressed air to shed dust and send it into the collection area.

eDrive™ Automatic VFD

Constantly monitoring airflow, the eDrive automatically changes motor RPM to adjust for filter loading. This significantly cuts energy use and extends filter life.

ePad Control Panel

An easy-to-use touch-screen control panel that allows you to manage your RoboVent collector from a single screen.

eTech2™ Controls

This control interface brings all of your dust collector functions and concerns onto one screen, eliminating the need for cumbersome, separate control panels.

Explosion Vent

Explosion Vent

Releasing excess pressure in the event of an explosion, the Explosion Vent is designed to direct pressure away from your building.

HEPA After Filter

A HEPA filter cleaning the air as a final step of purification ensures your facility and its workers enjoy the highest quality of air possible.

Hi-Vac Industrial Cleaning System

An option providing centralized dust collection, RoboVent's Hi-Vac Industrial Cleaning System connects all of your dust collectors to a central vacuum and a single container.

Hopper Gate

A mechanism that isolates your containment drum from the dust collector, the hopper gate allows workers to empty the drum without taking the collector offline.

ICE: Integrated Cooling Equipment

A patent-pending system combining dust collection and air conditioning, the ICE system cleans the air and keeps workers comfortable and productive.

Isolation Valve

Isolation Valve

Stopping a pressure wave before it spreads, the Isolation Valve is a key component of RoboVent's Deflagration System.

Outdoor Prep Package

For dust collectors installed outside your building, the Outdoor Prep Package provides extra protection against the elements.

RoboVent eQ Air Quality Monitor

RoboVent eQ™: Air Quality Monitoring

An innovative system that monitors your air quality and automatically turns your collectors on or off. The eQ delivers cost savings through cutting-edge technology.

Rotary Airlock

Rotary Airlock

Designed to prevent an explosion from escaping through the hopper, the Rotary Airlock protects both workers and property.

Rugged Cabinet Design

RoboVent's dust collectors are housed in a rugged, modular cabinet that is covered—along with structural components—by a 15-year warranty.


SafeSensor™ Particulate Monitoring

An advanced particulate-monitoring device capable of detecting leaks past the filters. If one should occur, SafeSensor shuts the system down and triggers an alarm.

Service Platform

A secure place to stand while changing filters, the Service Platform provides a safe and convenient way to tend to your dust collector's maintenance.

Snap-Lock Filter Clamp

Built with a gusseted support structure, RoboVent's double-rail clamping mechanism provides an airtight seal and a quick release.

Sprinkler Head Port

An economical tool in RoboVent's fire suppression arsenal, the Sprinkler Head Port is mounted directly into the filter cabinet for immediate action.

Supprex-200™ Damper

A device that stops the spread of fire and smoke through your ductwork, RoboVent's Supprex200 Damper protects your workers and property.


Supprex-200™ Fire Suppression

Activated by smoke or heat, the Supprex-200 acts quickly to suppress a fire. Airflow is shut off, and, if needed, FM-200 gas is deployed. Cleanup is minimal.

Syner-G S-25 Welding Gas Regulator

Perfect Even Flow for Less Waste and Improved Quality  Great progress has been made over the last several years in welding power supplies, weld wire and welding gases, all with the view to increase performance, improve weld quality and to save you money. Syner-G by RoboVent is designed to do all of this and take […]

Syner-G S-25B Welding Gas Regulator

Perfect Even Flow for Less Waste and Improved Quality  Great progress has been made over the last several years in welding power supplies, weld wire and welding gases, all with the view to increase performance, improve weld quality and to save you money. Syner-G by RoboVent is designed to do all of this and take […]

The RoboVent “No Weak Links” Process

From state-of-the-art filters and cabinet design to our ironclad guarantee on every system we sell, RoboVent provides an unbroken chain with no weak links for total customer satisfaction.

Vertical Filter Design

RoboVent's vertical filters are designed to shed dust into the containment system far more efficiently than horizontal filters. This design significantly increases filter life.


RoboVent promises every customer will be satisfied, and that promise is in writing. RoboVent's warranty is the best in the industry.