Our Passion

Improving Lives

For more than 25 years, RoboVent's focus has been on the delivery of clean air and healthy environments in manufacturing facilities. This has earned us the leading position in the collection and filtering of airborne contaminants generated by metalworking and other industrial processes. We are passionate about providing clean air solutions to the industry, and this dedication to the cause brings about results.

Our success is driven by a single principle: Take care of customers by carefully listening to them to understand their needs. Doing so has allowed us to grow alongside numerous Fortune 500 companies we count as loyal customers. We know the world is speeding up, and we must stay ahead. Innovation is at the core of RoboVent, and we excel at developing products and solutions quickly to meet our customers' needs.

Our Purpose

Increasing productivity in manufacturing by improving the lives of the people.

At RoboVent, clean air is more than our business—it's our passion! We are driven by the knowledge that the work we do directly impacts the health, safety and quality of life for thousands of manufacturing workers in the United States and around the globe. We've already improved the lives of 60,000+ people with our clean air remedies, and this year we hope to help 10,000 more.


Our Mission

Leading the way for the ventilation industry in the quest for the perfect clean air solution.

From the beginning our company leadership has instilled this idea into our culture. Today, it's a cornerstone of the company. Our philosophy has always been this: taking on a new challenge is one more chance to prove how resourceful we can be—not by narrowing our focus but by looking beyond what we've done to find new applications for our filtration and ventilation technologies. We're ready to help you.


Our Values

RoboVent is an organization driven by values. We are a close-knit team that empowers every team member to be a leader and an innovator. We value flexibility and nimbleness, so that we can meet any need of our customer on any schedule. We are passionate about providing clean air solutions for the industry and strive to deliver best-in-class products and services. Our customers' need to stay on budget and on schedule are mirrored in our own concern for keeping costs low and making the most out of every minute.

  • Passionate about what we do
  • Respond quickly to the needs of our customer
  • Go the extra mile for our customer
  • We are a team
  • Economically driven
  • Time is our most valuable asset

The RoboVent Brand Promise

RoboVent stands behind its products and services with a fervent passion. The RoboVent Brand Promise includes a warranty that is unsurpassed in the industry. But RoboVent's promise extends beyond written agreements. We promise to deliver the best technology, the highest quality components and the finest engineering services available. The best product backed up by guaranteed satisfaction is the RoboVent Brand Promise.

  • Every solution is guaranteed to work as promised.
  • You will be satisfied with your RoboVent purchase or your money back.
  • We will meet or exceed your expectations.
  • Your RoboVent product or solution will include the most advanced developments in the clean air industry.
  • We are committed to delivering value in every solution and product—at time of purchase and ongoing cost of ownership.
  • You WILL receive exceptional service.