RoboVent Going Green Initiative is Underway! Furthering Efforts to Save the Planet

March 26, 2015

COLUMBUS, Ohio, March 26, 2015 — RoboVent (, a leading provider in Industrial Filtration and Ventilation products, celebrated today the fact that their “Going-Green” initiative within their corporate offices has cut down waste and saved numerous trees from destruction in the year 2014. RoboVent began their going-green efforts last year when they made the decision to start recycling all wood pallets from their warehouses and production facilities, and eventually graduated to effectively eliminating all paper-invoice in their accounts payable department, as well as the filing of paper files. In addition to these efforts, RoboVent now only keeps electronic copies of invoices, work orders, and project order forms as well.

A large partner in RoboVent Going-Green Initiative was “Shred-It”, of Columbus, OH. A partnership between Shred-It and RoboVent made sense, as RoboVent philosophy is centered on cleaning the air in a manufacturing setting and reducing overall environmental pollution from dust and weld fumes.

“We are excited that we can make a measurable contribution towards preserving resources and cleaning up the environment”, RoboVent Marketing Director, Stuart Pollak, said. “It is important to do our part and practice what we preach in order to make a lasting difference”, Pollak went on to say.

RoboVent has gained a reputation as the leader in the Dust Collection and Weld Fume Extraction field for over 25 years, and prides themselves on their systems and capabilities. Their products have reduced or eliminated dust and weld fume particles in manufacturing facilities ranging from small-job shops to major manufacturing plants all across North America, Canada and South America.

To learn more about RoboVent and its’ capabilities, please contact our main office at 614-428-1700. One of our solutions providers are standing by, and would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

About The Company

During the past 25 years RoboVent has established itself as leader in the field of air filtration with highly efficient, reliable and cost-effective systems installed at major manufacturing operations across North America. Applications include welding, cutting and metalworking; dust collection and lubricant mist collection; and general ventilation. At its core, RoboVent is an environmental problem solving company for process systems. Their expertise and resources in collecting, filtering and recycling contaminated air can be applied to almost any process in the manufacturing environment. For more information visit