Video Testimonial: Tru-Form Steel & Wire, Inc.

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Tru-Form Steel & Wire Sees Sweeping Changes with RoboVent Filtration

Cleaner Air Has Improved Productivity, Morale and More

When Tru-Form Steel & Wire began using state-of-the-art laser equipment in their metalworking facility, they knew they needed to make some changes in air quality. With eight robotic welding cells and forty manual welding, grinding or cutting stations, there was a lot of dust and smoke in the air. The company contacted RoboVent, and, a short installation later, their air quality radically began to improve.

The changes in air quality have had far-reaching effects beyond protecting their high-tech equipment and processes. The facility is notably more pleasant to be in, and morale has improved. Quality has improved, as well, as measured by a drop in rework tasks. Worker retention has increased, a factor that is more important than ever in a tight hiring environment.

Cleaner air is also making equipment work better at Tru-Form Steel & Wire. Dirt and dust are detrimental to electronics, and the company’s cutting-edge metalworking equipment is now working more smoothly.

RoboVent’s Vista360 dust collectors were part of the solution. These ceiling-mounted units save floor space and provide powerful air filtration for the entire facility. Installation and service received top marks: “Those guys were great,” says David Terry, Engineering and Projects Manager. “Everything was done right the first time, and it only took a few days to do it. And it’s a big system.”