The Top 3 Reasons to Rent AC

May 16, 2017

Summer is a great time for a company picnic or softball league, but the season is not known for its high level of productivity. Heat exhaustion and other health problems are common in manufacturing facilities at every latitude. Manufacturers in places with shorter summers still face high temperatures, and, without a proper AC system in place, their productivity can suffer. Worse yet, workers can become unwell or, at the very least, unhappy.

Renting AC service is a smart alternative for a facility that has not installed a full AC system but that still experiences serious summer temperatures. Here are the top 3 reasons to look into renting AC.

#1: Heat Kills Productivity and Threatens Workers
In facilities that lack air conditioning, summer is a season of long breaks, extra drinks and even emergency health services at the ready. Productivity drops as your top resources—your trained staff—stand around in the shade. And if a break is not called soon enough, workers’ health can be at risk, as well. These threats to productivity and health are dangerous, costly and unnecessary.

#2: Renting AC Is Cost Effective
In many regions, summertime heat is only a problem for a relatively short while. Investing in a full-blown AC system that only runs a couple months of the year makes little sense. Renting AC allows you to meet your environmental needs in a cost-effective way, saving your capital budget for serious manufacturing equipment.

Bringing AC into your facility might save you money in unexpected places, as well. Happier workers will be more inclined to stay, reducing turnover. Healthier workers will be more productive. Downtime will plummet. And, of course, those massive orders for ice and Gatorade will mostly disappear.

#3: Renting AC Saves Time
Renting seasonal AC service brings added efficiencies for your maintenance staff, as well. Rental services, such as RoboVent’s AC Rental service, deliver the equipment to your door and set it up. They manage and maintain it for its best performance. Then, at the end of the season, they drive it away. Not only has your facility avoided a major capital purchase, but your maintenance staff has been saved a mountain of work—installation, training, upkeep and so on.

Fortunately, affordable solutions exist to bring air conditioning to your operation, this summer. What manufacturers can’t afford is downtime. And dizzy workers. For many regions, renting AC is the right solution at the right price.