RoboVent Unveils New Clean Air Educational Initiative

February 9, 2016

First phase to focus on health and safety for the automotive industry.

Sterling Heights, Mich. (Feb. 11, 2016) —RoboVent, the leading provider of clean air technologies for manufacturing, announced today a new program to help industry leaders and plant managers better understand and address air quality issues in manufacturing facilities. The RoboVent Clean Air Initiative will include a suite of educational and training resources focused on air quality regulations, health and safety concerns, and remedy options. The initial focus will be on the automotive industry, with additional sectors rolling out later in the year.

“The quality of air inside manufacturing facilities can have drastic effects on the health of employees,” said general manager and co-founder Jim Reid. “The Clean Air Initiative is a logical extension of our mission in the quest for clean air solutions. We want to help our industry partners fully understand how a healthy environment aids the employees and the company so they can make more educated decisions.”

Poor air quality is an ongoing challenge for manufacturers. Welding and other industrial processes create fumes and dusts that can have both acute and long-term health impacts for workers. Elements such as manganese, hexavalent chromium and beryllium—all common byproducts of welding—are highly toxic, and can lead to headaches, fatigue and even neurological issues. Other processes may produce combustible dusts or oil mists that can damage workers’ lungs and create safety hazards. Poor air quality is also linked to lower productivity levels and is a significant factor in recruiting and retention for manufacturing facilities. However, understanding specific clean air regulations and selecting an effective air quality remedy can be complicated.

“There is always new information about air quality regulations, technology options, and health and safety considerations being released, which are difficult to keep up with,” said Mike Meyer, applications engineering manager, RoboVent, and instructor at the Michigan Industrial Ventilation Conference, sponsored by the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration. “The Clean Air Initiative will provide industry leaders and operations staff with the necessary information and resources to make effective decisions about indoor air quality issues and to have a greater impact on the work environment for their employees.”

The Clean Air Initiative will include a variety of free and paid educational opportunities for the manufacturing industry, including:

The RoboVent Clean Air Academy: A two-day workshop designed to give engineers, facility managers and maintenance staff a solid foundation in the science of air quality management. The workshop includes how to recognize air quality problems, evaluate remedy options, make informed equipment selections and maintain a healthy work environment. The Clean Air Academy will be offered at RoboVent’s Sterling Heights, Michigan offices throughout 2016. The first session will be held March 1 & 2.

The RoboVent Clean Air Webinar Series: Offered several times each year in collaboration with industry publishers and peers, this free educational webinar series introduces participants to the basics of industrial hygiene, air quality regulations, weld fume capture and ventilation options, and filtration. Recordings will be made available on the RoboVent website.

The RoboVent Clean Air White Paper Series: These educational pieces covering critical topics in indoor air quality will be offered free on the RoboVent website. Check back throughout the year for additional resources.

In addition to these formal resources, RoboVent will continue to offer additional information through the website and blog and make the companies’ subject matter experts available for speaking events and interviews. All information regarding the Clean Air Initiative will be available at

RoboVent is also putting together clean air solutions packages that meet the needs of specific industry sectors. The first industry focus for the Clean Air Initiative is automotive. RoboVent has put together a suite of solutions designed around the needs of automotive equipment suppliers, with equipment that provides greater flexibility, floor space savings and energy conservation. Throughout the year, RoboVent will be releasing additional sector-specific solutions packages.

“For 25 years, we’ve been a partner to the automotive industry,” said Reid. “We’re excited to begin this initiative with the manufacturing sector where it all started. We have a deep understanding of the needs and priorities of the automotive sector and have put together a suite of resources and solutions designed to solve their specific challenges. To date, we’ve improved more than 25,000 automotive workers’ lives with cleaner, healthier air, and we plan to improve 10,000 more over the coming year!”

For more information about the Clean Air Initiative or to sign up for the RoboVent Clean Air Academy, visit

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