RoboVent Expands into Europe

October 1, 2016

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RoboVent Announces Expansion into Europe and Appointment of Industry Veteran Gary Keene
  • Teamed up with Gary Keene, a 30-year veteran of the industrial ventilation and dust collection industry, will serve as the technical director and lead the European team
  • 20-30 new employees are expected to be hired by 2019 to meet growing demand in Europe

“Expanding RoboVent’s operations to Europe is a direct result of the needs of our international clients,” said Jim Reid, managing director and co-founder, RoboVent.

“We serve world-class manufacturers who seek to establish global standards. By having a local presence overseas, we will not only be able to better serve our current customers, but will also have a significant impact in the market as manufacturers increasingly look for solutions to air quality issues. Gary’s industry knowledge and vast experience in Europe is an asset to our team as well as to new and existing clients” said Jim Reid.

  • European headquarters will be based in Preston, United Kingdom
  • Additional sales offices in Germany and Netherlands

“RoboVent is a leader in the clean air industry that has continually demonstrated the ability to provide innovative filtration and ventilation solutions,” said Gary Keene.

“Air pollutants pose serious threats to those working in manufacturing facilities. RoboVent’s commitment to a healthy working environment is admirable and I’m excited to bring that expertise to Europe” said Gary Keene.

Featured Products:
  • Extractor (manual welding)Ergonomically designed, has been specifically engineered with the user in mind, all the while providing a 90-95% fume capture rate.
  • FlexPro (robotic/manual welding)– This Hi-Vac fume collection system pairs beautifully with both manual and robotic welding operations.
  • ProCube (manual/robotic welding)– This is the perfect partner for the Extractor Fume gun. Powerful and mobile, the ProCube is ready to tackle any challenge, no matter where your jobsite is located.
  • Spire (robotic welding)– Robotic welding is becoming more commonplace these days for many reasons, Quality Control being an important one. Robovent Spire has been designed especially for some of the most frequently used robotic applications.
  • Ventmapping (engineering/facility testing-CFD modeling)– With our talented engineers, Robovent uses computational fluid dynamics and 3D scans of your facility to optimize airflow for maximum efficiency.
  • Vista360 (ambient system)– With floor space at a premium these days the Vista360 is your answer. Designed to be ceiling mounted, heavy welding processes are no match for this solution.


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About RoboVent
For over 25 years, RoboVent has established itself as leader in industrial ventilation and filtration industry serving manufacturers worldwide. They are a turnkey provider in their industry by offering front-end engineering systems, full product design, complete installation and service & maintenance programs thereafter the point of sale. They serve manufacturers of all types, especially when there are applications include welding, cutting and metalworking; dust collection and lubricant mist collection; and general ventilation. RoboVent is headquartered in Sterling Heights, Mich., with sales and service centers located throughout the North America & Europe. At its core, RoboVent is an environmental company solving problems for manufacturing processes. Their expertise and resources in collecting, filtering and recycling contaminated air can be applied to almost any process in the manufacturing environment. For more information, visit or