Reducing the Maintenance Burden at Northern Stamping, Inc.

February 18, 2016

Several miles south of downtown Cleveland, Northern Stamping produces complex structural components and welded parts for the automotive and other industries. The growing firm has been a RoboVent customer since 2004. Over the years, Northern Stamping’s evolving air quality challenges led them to seek a better and more cost effective way to maintain their filtration equipment.

The Problem
Northern Stamping’s facility features 70 welding robots and peripheral equipment, an array requiring a network of dust collectors—28 units, to date. The RoboVent units have proven to be both effective and popular. However, as the number of units increased, the firm saw regular preventative maintenance as a growing issue.

Northern Stamping preferred to keep their maintenance staff focused on maintaining their production machinery. They weren’t experts in RoboVent equipment. As Scott Sheffield, VP of Operations, points out, that kind of maintenance “isn’t one of our core competencies.” It might have even required hiring a new staff member.

The RoboVent Solution
We presented a comprehensive Client Care package to Northern Stamping that would meet their maintenance and budgetary needs. Under the plan, RoboVent sends service representatives once a month to change filters, conduct routine maintenance and troubleshoot emerging issues. This level of preventative maintenance gives clients more than just peace of mind: it also extends the life of RoboVent equipment and reduces the burden on maintenance staff.

RoboVent personnel coordinate with facility staff to work around production schedules, minimizing downtime. As Greg Degan, Maintenance Manager, says, “I have more time to maintain the other equipment we’re using in our facility…It saves labor hours.” Monthly reports from the RoboVent team identify potential issues and provide recommendations.

The Client Care package ensures that Northern Stamping’s filtration equipment is maintained to the highest standard so it is always performing at its best. Degan and his team know that if something goes wrong they are covered. It also allows Sheffield to budget more effectively. He knows what their up-front costs will be and that there won’t be any surprises.

The Results
RoboVent has kept Northern Stamping’s filtration equipment running smoothly for years. Problems with the machinery are very rare, and if something does come up the response is quick. Replacement parts are sent within a day, and a team is there within one to two days for the installation. Recently, a main motor went out on a RoboVent unit, and Degan says the motor was replaced for free under their service agreement.

The cost of the Client Care package has proven to be bargain for Northern Stamping. The firm is guaranteed exceptional service while avoiding costs such as buying replacement filters, hiring additional maintenance staff and budgeting for and stocking replacement parts. Sheffield reports that the contract was recently brought up among executives during budget talks and that “it was an easy decision” to renew it. “My CEO questioned the cost, and I told him this was an absolute must-have,” he says. “Without the service contract I would have to budget more in other areas.”

Sheffield and Degan are both highly satisfied with RoboVent’s service program. “Every time I do a survey, I give them a ten,” Degan says. He would “most definitely recommend” the program to others.

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