What’s in the air you breathe? RoboVent featured on In View with Larry King

October 3, 2015

As our manufacturing technologies improve and advance, so must the tools we use to clean the air from those processes. This video, produced by “In View with Larry King” (as seen on the Fox Business Channel) explores the concerns over air quality in manufacturing facilities and the benefits of installing a RoboVent clean air system.

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What’s in the air you breathe when you go to work?

Well if you work in manufacturing, particles hazardous to your health may very well be airborne. Let’s face it, in order to manufacture and process the things we need and the foods we eat, we have to create a lot of fumes, dust and smoke. But that doesn’t mean the technicians and factory workers need to breathe all those toxins that can make one very sick.

Systems that can filter sparks, particles and toxins from workplace processes before they can escape and reach worker’s breathing zones are just as critical as the equipment used to manufacture what goes out the door.

Advanced filtration and ventilation technology developed by RoboVent can deliver safe, clean air solutions to almost every work environment and manufacturing operation. For over 23 years, they’ve had a passion for redefining clean air technology and solutions for the future. Their systems can keep the air clean even when the job is dirty and maintain a safe, healthy work environment that protects the health of workers on the factory floor.

Clean air on the manufacturing floor is no longer a luxury or a perk, it is a necessity. Highly skilled workers will not put up with being forced to breathe smoke, fumes and other toxins day after day. The respect companies show for their worker’s safety and health often results in less absenteeism and much higher productivity. In fact, a study published by the National Institutes of Health states “contaminated air in the workplace can decrease worker productivity by as much as 9%. One of the most profound ways a company can show their employees they care, is by eliminating the noxious air in the workplace. Not only is it visibly cleaner, but a company can avoid interference and scrutiny by the regulatory agencies. RoboVent is always taking the next step to keep everyone compliant. No only for the sake of the regulations, but because it is the right thing to do.