ProCube and Extractor: The Perfect Pair

RoboVent ProCube is the perfect companion for the RoboVent Extractor Fume Gun. In fact, the two were made to go together.

ProCube can be paired with one or two Extractor Fume Guns. Toggle between one-gun and two-gun use with the flick of a switch. The unit will automatically start when the torch is on, and stop when it is off, for easy operation and energy savings.

The ProCube’s size and portability make it an excellent choice for high-mobility applications such as shipbuilding or large infrastructure components. The 30’ (9.14 m) reach of the Extractor hose gives welders exceptional mobility, and the ProCube can be easily moved along with the welder.


ProCube and Extractor Video Transcript

What happens when you combine the world’s most effective and ergonomic fume gun with the most powerful portable dust collector on the market today? With Robovent Extractor and ProCube, weld fumes extraction just got a whole lot more flexible. The Robovent Extractor is a streamlined lightweight fume gun that collects up to 90 percent of weld fumes right at the source, and that compares to about 50 percent for competing models.  For high production manual welding, the extractor is the ideal fume gun. Robovent ProCube and the ProCube mini packed powerful dust collections into a small portable unit that fits where you need it. Together, they are the perfect source catcher solution when you need high flexibility, efficiency and space savings.  ProCube has the power you need to remove dangerous weld fumes from the air. Just look at how much is collected in just 30 seconds of welding. With the Extractor, those fumes are removed before they get to the welder’s breathing zone. Contact your Robovent solutions engineer to see how the extractor gun and the ProCube can best fit into your operation.