Removing Toxic Weld Fume through Source Capture

How to Capture Weld Fume at the Source Efficiently

Unchecked weld fumes result in a visibly unclean environment and can lead to damage of your equipment and product – not to mention the health impacts for employees. These concerns have a direct monetary impact on your business through their correlation with your operation’s output and productivity.

To protect your employees, your plant, your product and your bottom line, fill out the form on this page and access expert insight into source capture ventilation systems.

In this webinar, clean air technology experts from RoboVent discuss:

  • Where weld fumes come from
  • The safety implications of weld fumes
  • Combatting weld fumes with source capture
  • Types of source capture available
  • Proper positioning of welders and capture units
  • Filtration vs. exhaust

Source capture is the most effective method of removing toxic particulate from weld fume to create a safe environment for workers. To understand how to improve indoor air quality through source capture ventilation systems, it’s important to identify the source of contaminants as well as the telltale signs you have a weld fume capture problem.

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