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November 9-12, 2015
McCormick Place
Chicago, IL USA

Booth #N18061


Introducing eTell™

eTell Intelligent Controls from RoboVent are the most advanced electronic control system for dust collectors available today. eTell goes beyond preventative maintenance to enable predictive maintenance tailored to the needs of each machine in your facility. With eTell, you can stop wasting time and money on routine maintenance that isn’t needed, and focus your efforts on what really needs to be done.

eTell is the only control system that is:

 Predictive: eTell gives you detailed monthly reports and push notifications/alerts telling you exactly how much life is left in your filters and when maintenance items should be performed.

 Cloud-based: Our cloud-based application gives you anywhere, anytime visibility for all of your equipment from multiple facilities on a single application with the ability to control and adjust them as well.

 Smart: eTell learns your systems and processes and makes real-time adjustments to save energy and extend filter life helping your equipment and systems run more efficiently.


Race in the Clean Air Derby

Why not have fun at FabTech, too!? As the leader in Clean Air, we always feature great products in our booth but this year, we’ll be having some fun and having guests compete for prizes in the Clean Air Derby! You can take the challenge for your chance to win Anki Drive sets and other great prizes. Compete against other drivers and the eTell Smart Car.

Anki Drive is the modern day version of slot car racing and uses AI (artificial intelligence) and hardware/software to run – everything is controlled wirelessly in the cloud through a fun and interactive app – just like eTell. And like eTell, the Anki Cars get smarter and smarter and tougher to beat over time. Drivers will compete against the eTell Smart Car and their peers to see who wins.

Case Studies


Whitsett, North Carolina

“We knew we wanted to provide a first-class environment for our workers. Customers remark on how clean the air is here.” – Chris Torggler, SVP at Precor.

“RoboVent was chosen for 3 main reasons: 1) Because they were a Cost-Effective solutions, 2) it was very modular and 3) they have a track record for performance. – Wyman Kinlaw, Manufacturing Engineering Manager

In this testimonial, Precor leaders speak about why they chose RoboVent equipment for their state of the art production facility.


Commercial Manufacturing & Assembly (CMA)
Grand Haven, Michigan

“The product sells itself. It’s highly attractive, it does the job number one and we couldn’t really ask for more.”– Chris Geneva, owner Commercial Manufacturing & Assembly

“Air quality’s gone up, the productivity has gone up and the attendance has gone up and it’s been a win-win across the board for us.” – John Geneva, owner Commercial Manufacturing & Assembly

In this testimonial, CMA owners share their experience regarding system performance, installation and support regarding their RoboVent experience.


Checkout other RoboVent Innovations

In addition to the RoboVent eTell, we’ll be featuring our Fusion 3 Series Dust Collector, Vortex Ambient Dust Collector, Clarion Oil Mist Collector along with other RoboVent innovations including:

 Clarion Oil Mist Collectors
Oil, smoke, coolant, solvents, metal dust, bacteria – this potent mix of airborne contaminants is a natural by-product of certain metalworking processes. The Clarion Series has demonstrated the ability to reduce these airborne pollutants to as little as 0.5 mg/m3 and lower – well below PELs from OSHA.

 VentBoss Collectors
Source capture of fumes from light-duty welding or other processes pose an aggravating challenge. RoboVent has developed VentBoss, an innovative line of high-quality, portable collector units that are ideally suited to a range of operations.

 Vortex and RoboVent ICE Collectors
The Vortex System is a proprietary design that creates a circular airflow to capture and filter the ambient air in a plant. The system utilizes a unique design consisting of 8 to 12 nozzles that can be adjusted directionally to maximize the efficiency at which air is collected and filtered. When combined with RoboVent ICE (Integrated Cooling Equipment) you can cool the filtered air coming back into the facility.