Match and Win
With RoboVent


November 6-9, 2017 – McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois
Booth #B19049

Stop by our booth this year and play our Big Clean, Small Footprint Matching Game. Make a match for your chance to win great prizes. While you’re there, check out our dust collectors and innovations for better air quality, lower operating costs and minimum downtime.



If you’re using robotic welding cells, Spire may be the right system for you. We designed Spire especially for the most common types of welding applications in the automotive industry. Spire is a flexible, cost-effective alternative to centralized ducted systems.

Each Spire unit provides filtration for an individual welding cell. It’s a powerful system that can keep up with the heavy demands of robotic welding in a high-production factory.

Stop by our booth for a live welding demonstration.


The Spire360™ is an ambient version of our space-saving Spire™ dust collector. Dirty air is pulled into an intake plenum at the top of each unit, and clean, filtered air is pushed out at the bottom. This creates a positive pressure zone that naturally forces dirty air up and into the filters before it propagates through the facility. These space-saving, floor-mounted units are easy to install and easy to move, making them ideal for environments needing flexibility.

Spire360 can be equipped with the optional Delta3™ Spark Arrester, our groundbreaking technology that stops sparks before they have a chance to ignite.

eQ Air Quality Monitor

eQ Air Quality Monitoring

The RoboVent eQ™ Air Quality Monitoring System is an innovative system that automates your dust collectors based on real-time air quality data. On when you need it, off when you don’t — the eQ allows you to save money on your energy bill by operating your RoboVent systems only when they are needed. The smart system can reduce energy costs for your dust collectors by up to 50% while maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

Introducing the RoboVent Mini Extractor Gun & ProCube™

The RoboVent Mini Extractor builds high-efficiency fume extraction right into the weld torch. The Mini Extractor collects 90-95% of weld fumes as soon as they are generated to minimize exposure for welders. At just 1.1 kg, it’s the smallest and lightest fume gun on the market, making it perfect for applications requiring a high degree of welder mobility. The ergonomic design reduces fatigue and does not interfere with visibility of the weld seam.

The RoboVent ProCube™ puts high-vacuum extraction power in a small package that fits wherever you need it to go. The ProCube can be connected to one or two Mini Extractor fume guns.

Stop by our booth for a live welding demonstration.

 eTell™ Intelligent Controls

eTell Intelligent Controls from RoboVent are the most advanced electronic control system for dust collectors available today. eTell goes beyond preventative maintenance to enable predictive maintenance tailored to the needs of each machine in your facility. With eTell, you can stop wasting time and money on routine maintenance that isn’t needed, and focus your efforts on what really needs to be done. Our cloud-based application gives you anywhere, anytime visibility and control for all of your equipment across all of your facilities on a single application.

Checkout other RoboVent Innovations

 VentBoss Collectors
VentBoss gives you powerful, affordable fume control options for light duty welding and other applications. From portables to plug-and play workstations, every unit is built to be durable, efficient and highly effective.

 Vortex and RoboVent ICE Collectors
Need a powerful floor-based ambient filtration system? Vortex creates a circular airflow throughout the plant that pulls dirty air in and pushes clean, filtered air out. The unique directional nozzles let you adjust airflow patterns to maximize efficiency. Keep your cool by adding RoboVent ICE (Integrated Cooling System) for an all-in-one air conditioning and filtration solution.