Calculadora para el costo de la pérdida de calefacción debido a la ventilación

  • Enter CFM exhausted to the outside
  • Enter number of hours worked per week

Are You Exhausting Your Profits?

It's not every day you have the ability to reduce operating costs by 65%! We're mindful of efficiencies gained through clean air technology and we help our customers consistently achieve these savings. Heavier costs are avoided by combining multiple airflow processes into one, thus providing efficiencies during system operation. RoboVent systems simultaneously clean and re-circulate the air in your facility eliminating the need for additional sources of air or "make-up air" to be pumped into the facility. It also reduces the need for expensive exhaust systems. Our systems keep your working environment free of dust and other harmful particulates to help you run a much more efficient facility and reap the profits!