Workplace and Equipment Safety

RoboVent: #1 in Workplace and Equipment Safety

At RoboVent, we take health and safety seriously—for ourselves, and for our customers. That's why safety is built into everything we do, from the way we run our facilities to the way we design our equipment. Our commitment to safety includes:

  • Employee Safety
  • Product Safety
  • Customer Safety

Employee Safety

Our employees are our #1 asset, and their health and safety is important. We have implemented comprehensive employee safety programs to ensure that our facilities meet or exceed all health and safety regulations and guidelines, from ergonomics to indoor air quality.

Our employee safety program includes a number of key elements:

  • All new employees complete safety training and certification within 90 days of hire, including both general and job-specific certification programs.
  • We have conducted ergonomic testing in our manufacturing plants and provide ergonomic safety training to minimize strain and repetitive use injuries.
  • Our technicians and installers are trained to install and maintain our machines in the safest and most ergonomic way possible, and can provide this same training to our customers.
  • Employees are provided with and required to wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for their jobs, including harnesses, safety glasses, dust/gas masks, face shields, jackets and helmets. Employees also can take advantage of employee discounts on personal equipment such as safety boots.
  • We do HAZMAT training for employees working with hazardous materials and require that all HAZMAT safety regulations and recommendations be followed at all times. We also work with our suppliers to ensure that potentially hazardous materials are packaged and shipped correctly.
  • We have teams trained in CPR and first aid in many of our facilities, including our headquarters in Sterling Heights, MI and our business offices in Columbus, OH.


Product Safety

We build safety into every product that we manufacture. To ensure that our products will perform safely under both standard and challenging operating conditions, we hold ourselves and our third-party parts suppliers to the highest standards of manufacturing excellence. All of our equipment meets or exceeds appropriate UL, National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA), National Electric Code (NEC), and other U.S., European and international standards. Our safety protocols go above and beyond industry standards and required regulations to ensure that there are no weak links in our products.

Product safety starts with design. Our equipment is specifically designed to allow for safe installation, servicing and operation. All new RoboVent dust collectors are designed with features for exceptional safety and ergonomic maintenance. Look for:

  • Rugged cabinet design, with all structural elements built to withstand challenging operating conditions and extreme stresses
  • Easy-access doors and safety latches to prevent injuries during routine maintenance
  • Easy-change filters that can be accessed from outside the collector cabinet for ergonomic maintenance
  • Fire safety elements (as appropriate) such as built-in spark arrestance, automatic safety shut off and our proprietary fire suppression system to reduce the risk of fires and contain fire damage
  • Deflagration elements for equipment used in environments with combustible dusts, including explosion vents, isolation valves and rotary airlocks
  • Quick safety shut-offs and automatic safety overrides to prevent equipment motors and blowers from being overloaded

We conduct thorough risk analysis and continually look for ways to design potential safety risks out of our equipment. All components, including third-party parts, have been tested to ensure that they meet or exceed appropriate safety overload factors. Finally, we conduct comprehensive quality control on every piece of equipment that leaves our factories to ensure that it meets all of our safety and operations requirements. That's why we can stand behind our equipment with the RoboVent Guarantee.


Customer Safety

Worker safety is part of our mission at RoboVent. We are proud to have improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of manufacturing workers through cleaner air.

Our commitment to the health and safety of our customers and their employees is evident in everything we do.

  • Our core mission is designing air quality solutions that improve worker health and safety by reducing exposure to dangerous fumes and particulates. We help companies meet stringent health and safety standards to protect their employees.
  • We build safety and ergonomic features into all of our equipment to reduce the risk of workplace injuries.
  • We provide education and training to our customers on safe installation and maintenance of our equipment.
  • We provide continuing education and resources on air quality, safety and industrial hygiene through the RoboVent Clean Air Academy as well as numerous free webinars, articles and white papers.