Vent Mapping has revolutionized the industry standard for factory ventilation. We simulate your heat, air and flow inside your factory to simulate flow dynamics. We can determine whether or not you will comply with OSHA standards and help make sure you improve your ratings with the right ventilation system.

VentMapping Video Transcript

After 23 years of experiencing ground breaking innovation, RoboVent has established itself as the benchmark for industrial clean air solutions. VentMapping has now revolutionized the industry standard for factory ventilation. The industry standard and what our competition still does is basically go in a facility and just place the equipment where they think its gonna work best. VentMapping was created so that we can scientifically show you what was occurring within your facility and actually give you black and white results to your problems. VentMapping is almost exactly like an x-ray or MRI and that before we ever come in and diagnose what’s happening, we have to actually understand what’s going on in your facility, just like we would before we did surgery on your body. When we run a VentMapping, we send our folks on site, they take all the data needed for us to create a model that we can simulate the heat and the air and the pollutant flow inside of a factory, with that we can determine exactly where we need to put our equipment to clean the air up. By using fluid dynamics, we are actually able to simulate exactly how and where air is going to move through your environment. Because we are able to model the entire factory and determine what the overall particulate levels, not only are as an average in a factory but where the concentrations are going to be high around the breathing zone of the worker. We can determine whether or not you are going to comply to OSHA standards, not just the current OSHA standards but the new American Weld Society based OSHA standards that are coming upon manufactures now for manganese, hexavalent chromium. We can make sure that your workers are not exposed to the levels that exceed the regulation. We know so much more today about how air quality effects the workplace environment, if you want to attract or retain quality workers in the workforce today, the workplace environment needs to be clean, safe, and healthy.

We know that when you invest in your worker that you get a higher productivity and the ease of hiring and retaining the employees goes way up. We had a heavy equipment manufacturer that was having problems and that they had a welding operation on one end of the plant but they had assembly workers on the far side of the plant complaining about sore eyes, sore throats and they also had little bits of metal getting in their painting operation. With VentMapping we were able to redesign the direction of the flow of the heating system in the plant so that we would be able to isolate out the entire welding area. We eliminated all of their pollutant problems, all of their health problems in the plant and fixed the issues with their paint. The end result is they saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and once maybe years of time lost employees, lost productivity. In this VentMapping diagram you can see the before and after of a VentMapping implementation. The blue represents clean air and the red represents the location of dense fume concentration. Originally upon review of the facility application, a 300,000-dollar solution would have been designed. However, after the VentMapping engagement, the solution investment was reduced to 210,000 dollars. This would save the facility 90,000 dollars or 30 percent just by doing a proper analysis before implementing a solution. VentMapping has replaced the guess work that has actually permeated through the industry. We worked with industry leading experts in engineering to find a better way, one that is so accurate that we are actually able to provide 100 percent guarantee on our performance.

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