Extractor250 Options

Clean Air Matrix

RoboVent engineers are experts in every category of air filtration and ventilation. The four categories below represent the major options for treating your contaminated air. RoboVent has designed solutions for each of these categories and has manufactured air filtration systems of unrivaled quality.

For more information about these categories, see Indoor Air Quality 101.


Large blowers and air filtration equipment draw contaminated air from the plant (typically at the ceiling level), filter it and return it to the plant. This is a proven solution in plants welding large parts with overhead cranes. It reduces the haze in the air, resulting in a cleaner working environment, with no negative pressure or heat loss.


Air in the immediate area of the welding activity is captured in a hood system, then filtered and returned to the plant. This is the best solution whenever possible. It allows for a more flexible system and removes the smoke directly from the operator's breathing zone. There are many types of source capture, including overhead hoods, crossflow hoods, fume arms and fume guns, some of which work better than others.


Large exhaust fans draw contaminated air from the plant and exhaust it directly into the environment, typically through the roof or walls. This is a traditional method and often results in negative air pressure. Also, it is very difficult to climate-control your plant and the system may not work well in the winter.

Air in the immediate area of the welding activity is captured in a hood, sent through ductwork, and exhausted directly into the environment. This is a lower capital cost alternative to filtration, but tends to result in high operating costs and large, unsightly ducting systems that work less efficiently with modifications. It also results in negative pressure problems.

Customize your fume gun for the perfect weld.

The perfect fume gun is the one that fits your unique needs. Choose from the following options to customize your Extractor250 fume gun for your application and welding style.

  • 45° or 60° metal necks
  • Tapered hose
  • Connections for your specific wire feeder
  • Relief valve

Handles & Necks

With a variety of neck angles to choose from, you can customize your gun specifically to your needs.

Choose between our 45° and 60° chrome handles.

Part NumberDescriptionPack Qty
EXG-FM-EH-RHandle Assembly1
EXG-SW-AC-MN-4545° Chrome Neck1
EXG-SW-AC-MN-6060° Chrome Neck (coming soon)1

Extraction Hoses

The Extractor250 comes with our new tapered hose and features increased flexibility in the first two meters to help you get to those hard-to-reach spots. Add the optional leather cover for added heat and spark protection on our standard hose.

Part NumberDescriptionPack Qty
EXG-FM-LC-2Leather Sheathing 44mm with Velcro 2 Meter1
EXG-FM-FCB-3Tapered Fume Extraction Hose 30-38mm 3 Meter1
EXG-FM-FCB-4Tapered Fume Extraction Hose 30-38mm 4 Meter1
EXG-FM-FCB-5Tapered Fume Extraction Hose 30-38mm 5 Meter1

Wire Feed Connectors and Wiring Harnesses

We have wire feed connectors and wiring harnesses to fit every type of feeder or connector style, including Tweco connectors and popular Miller and Lincoln feeder styles. With our modular design, you can easily switch between different feeder models or connector styles.

Part NumberDescriptionPack Qty
EXG-MTMiller Adapter Pin1
EXG-TWT-N4Tweco #4 Adapter1
EXG-LTLincoln Adapter2

Relief Valve

The extractor relief valve reduces vacuum at the nozzle by 30% to help get into those tight corners.

Part NumberDescriptionPack Qty
EXG-REL-VLVRelief Valve1