Frequently Asked Questions

Regulations & Compliance

How do you know if your facility is compliant with indoor air quality (IAQ) regulations? Learn what OSHA and other agencies expect and what you need to do to comply.

Health & Safety

Weld fumes and dust produced by industrial processes are a significant health and safety issue for facilities. Learn about exposure risks, fire safety, combustible dusts and other dangers.

Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Dust collectors can present a significant fire risk if they are not properly set up and maintained. Learn what to look for and how to prevent a dust collector fire.

Combustible Dusts and Explosion Safety

Many industrial dusts are combustible. Learn how to assess your dust for combustibility and how to mitigate dust explosion risks.

Source Capture

When, where and how do you use fume guns for manual weld fume control? Here is everything you need to know about selecting and using your fume gun.

Glossary of Terms

Deep dive information on welding equipment. Learn about exhaust systems, booth ventilation, and more.