Snap-Lock Filter Clamp

Easy Maintenance

Tight Fit–No Tools

The RoboVent double-rail clamping mechanism ensures an airtight seal for every filter. The gusseted support structure is welded to the 3/16-inch reinforced tube sheet and provides over 200 pounds of compression force on the gasket. With this system, filter change-outs are fast and easy, require no tools and can be performed from outside the filter cabinet.

Built for quality

We build safety, energy savings and efficiency into every piece of equipment we make.


Lower Operating Costs

We’re always looking for ways to reduce energy use, such as automated systems to ensure collectors run only when they need to. Additionally, our filters and equipment have been engineered to maximize filter life and reduce operating costs.


Superior Safety and Risk Reduction

Safety features like our Delta3 spark arrestor and the Supprex-200 fire suppression system reduce the risk of fires in your ductwork and filtration equipment to protect your plant and your employees.


Easy Maintenance

Longer lasting filters are just the start. Our equipment is built to reduce the maintenance burden on your staff. With the ePad Control Panel, you get an easy-to-use control system right at your fingertips to help monitor equipment performance and diagnose needed maintenance.