Rotary Airlock

Superior Safety & Risk Reduction

Designed to limit the effects of an explosion caused by combustible dust, the Rotary Airlock is a key component of RoboVent's Deflagration System. This airlock prevents explosive gasses from escaping through the hopper, potentially harming both workers and property.

Safety measures such as the Deflagration System and its Rotary Airlock are especially important in facilities that handle a large amount of combustible dust. If this dust accumulates, mixes with oxygen in the right concentration, and meets a spark, a significant explosion can occur. RoboVent engineers have decades of experience fighting this danger. Any Fusion Series dust collector can be configured with the Deflagration System.

Built for quality

We build safety, energy savings and efficiency into every piece of equipment we make.


Lower Operating Costs

We’re always looking for ways to reduce energy use, such as automated systems to ensure collectors run only when they need to. Additionally, our filters and equipment have been engineered to maximize filter life and reduce operating costs.


Superior Safety and Risk Reduction

Safety features like our Delta3 spark arrestor and the Supprex-200 fire suppression system reduce the risk of fires in your ductwork and filtration equipment to protect your plant and your employees.


Easy Maintenance

Longer lasting filters are just the start. Our equipment is built to reduce the maintenance burden on your staff. With the ePad Control Panel, you get an easy-to-use control system right at your fingertips to help monitor equipment performance and diagnose needed maintenance.