Easy to Maintain Equipment

RoboVent's equipment has been designed to be easy to use and incorporates many time saving features because we understand that in today's challenging business environment time equals money.

The SnapLock double-rail clamping mechanism ensures an airtight seal for every filter. The gusseted support structure is welded to the 3/16-inch reinforced tube sheet and provides over 200 pounds of compression force on the gasket. With this system, filter change-outs are fast and easy, require no tools and can be performed from outside the filter cabinet.

Similarly the Quick-Lift Handles on the dust containment bin make clean up quick and easy.

At RoboVent we design equipment that is easy to use while saving you time and money.

Easy to Maintain Equipment Video Transcript

RoboVent's equipment has been designed to be easy to use and incorporates a number of unique time saving features because we understand that in today’s challenging business environment, time equals money. For example, with the double rail filtered clamping mechanism, the RoboVent snap lock, filter changes out are completed in minutes without the need for tools due to the handle operated parallel rail mechanism. This eliminates having to work with threaded nuts and knobs which are highly prone to clogging up and jamming in dirty interior of an operational dust collector. But most importantly for health and safety, the snap lock lever action mechanism exerts of 200 pounds of force on each and every filter gasket resulting in a rock solid seal around each filter with no chance of dirt or hazardous material leaking around to the clean side and blowing back out of the collector. After all, that's what the unit is designed to do, to deliver you clean air.

When it comes to emptying the particulate containment drums or barrels, the last thing you want to do is rustle with fasters and a complicated disassembly process. So RoboVent's quick lift handles make this chore as quick and easy as possible by simply pulling down on the 2 quick release handles, the lid is lifted off the drum and it can be slid out for emptying. And one trick that many operators have implemented is to use a garbage bag liner inside the drum, enabling the dust to be neatly enclosed to limit the spread of messy particulate. We are sure you’ll love the benefits from these innovative features during the operation and periodical maintenance of the RoboVent collector, designed for ease of use and saving you time and money.