Fine Grinding Fiberglass Dust Collection and Filtration

Reducing the Risk of Fiberglass Dust Exposure

When it comes to material processing, dust can be a concern not only for the comfort and safety of workers involved, but also for the integrity of the end product. Ambient dust can contaminate product supply, reduce efficiencies across processes and lessen the lifespan of critical equipment.

When it comes to fiberglass fine grinding, dust collection and extraction is a necessary component to any manufacturing facility—and can be one that does not have to be overwhelming or high maintenance. The ultra-fine particulates that come from fiberglass fine grinding cause problems for both workers and equipment if left unchecked.


Exposure Risks for Fiberglass Dust

Exposure Risks for Fiberglass Dust

Anyone who has insulated his or her home can understand why exposure to fiberglass needs to be limited. Respiratory concerns, as well as the irritation it can cause with contact to the skin, are just the beginning of risks that come with exposure to fiberglass dust.

With limited exposure, a worker can experience coughing, wheezing and asthma-like symptoms, and with prolonged exposure, bronchitis and even the potential for cancer. With risks like these, it is in an employer’s best interest to curb fiberglass dust accumulation. Doing so will protect workers and increase plant efficiency, since healthy workers are more productive.

Fiberglass dust also creates a fine powder which can find its way into delicate electronics or mechanics, thus compromising facility equipment and increasing maintenance costs across machinery. Equipment downtime is a manufacturer’s worst nightmare and can create compounded inefficiencies down the line.


Filtration and Collection Regulations for Fiberglass Dust

Filtration and Collection Regulations for Fiberglass Dust

Though the threat for exposure-related cancer is real, it has not been unequivocally confirmed through any study to date. Because of this, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) classifies fiberglass dust as an irritant.

However, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has established the following recommended exposure limits (RELs) for fiberglass dust:

  • Time Weighted Average 3 fibers/cm3 (fibers ≤ 3.5 µm in diameter & ≥ 10 µm in length)
  • Time Weighted Average 5 mg/m3 (total)

Fine Grinding Fiberglass Dust Extractors and Collectors

Increase the efficiency of your manufacturing facility with an accurate and powerful dust-collection and extraction system. The right ventilation or filtration system will positively impact your processes on a product level as well as an employee level. RoboVent has both, ambient dust collection options for whole-facility air control, or source collection systems to achieve a more targeted solution.

We can also create a custom design that can handle your fiberglass dust-collection challenge, while still giving your budget the attention it deserves. And with our exclusive VentMapping system, we can target every problem area in your facility for the most cost-effective, clean-air solution.

Clean air improves worker health and minimizes contamination of source materials which could otherwise add up to tens of thousands of dollars per year in prevention. By installing a RoboVent dust-collection system, you can increase efficiencies without sacrificing your equipment budget.


Traditional Configuration

The traditional configuration maximizes performance with ductwork sized for optimal airflow for your specific applications.


VentMapping® Engineering

VentMapping is a systematic engineering and design service. Our comprehensive approach helps us find the safest, most effective and most efficient way to meet your goals.

RoboVent Maintenance Program, Clean Air and Industrial Air Filtration Solutions

ClientCare Maintenance Program

ClientCare lets you leverage RoboVent's expertise so you can reduce the burden on your maintenance staff and stay focused on your core business.


Fusion™ Series

A dust collector on the cutting edge of air filtration. The Fusion Series delivers exceptional performance and cost savings in a powerful, simple package.


Endurex RMO Cartridge Filters, Dust & Fume Air Filters

Endurex RMO Cartridge Filters

RoboVent's premium filter engineered to provide the best filtration protection for your plant and employees. A widened pleat and proprietary filter media help deliver top performance.